autostart programs

Installing software on your computer is unavoidable, and you're always going to have more programs installed as time goes on. Many programs want to make sure that they're always running by setting up an autostart rule so they start every time you turn on or log into your computer.

This is okay if you have one or two autostarts, but when you have 10 or 20 programs all starting every time you turn on your computer, things can slow down pretty quickly. TechieBot allows you to view all of the autostarts on your computer, and can automatically disable autostarts to speed up your computer.

hard drive cleanup

Having too much space used up on your hard drive can slow down your computer a surprising amount. Whenever your computer needs to save a file (which happens thousands of times per day in the background), it has to find a location on the hard drive to write it to. As your hard drive gets full, it takes longer and longer to find a place to save each file. TechieBot will get rid of unnecessary temporary files and clean out your recycle bin to free up space on your hard drive.

internet and email

Having a modern, fast web browser is important to get the most out of your internet and email use. When a web page is loading slowly, your web browser is just as likely to the culprit as a slow internet connection. If you don't already have it installed, TechieBot will install Google's Chrome web browser, which is secure, lightweight, and most importantly, lightning fast.

antivirus software

The first defense against computer security threats is common sense, but when you accidentally download an infected program and get a virus on your computer, it's important to have antivirus software to remove the threat. If you don't have antivirus software on your computer, TechieBot will install Microsoft Security Essentials (free antivirus).


A firewall controls internet traffic on your computer, and can prevent malicious software from communicating with the internet or acting as server software on your computer. TechieBot checks to make sure you have a firewall enabled, and turns on the Windows firewall if you do not.

automatic updates

Microsoft frequently releases updates to Windows to introduce new features and fix software bugs. These updates are often security related, and fix previously unknown software vulnerabilities. TechieBot will make sure your computer is setup to automatically download and install Windows updates.
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